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Olga-Prisca, call me Prisca ;)
Hey party people ! :D
I'm Olga-Prisca, a 13 year old girl who lives in Lebanon. I'm born on the 9th of May.
More about me ? Sure ^-^
I'm more of a rebel girl, and I'm pretty trendy, some of my friends at school love my style and outits. I can be sweet, just like I can be a pain in the ass. And I can seriously turn into a mean bitch when people are bugging me, or to people I dislike. Well, I have the nice and sweet side, and the side you never want to see. I'm sometimes childish with my friends, I love laughing and spending good times with them, going out. I can sometimes be crazy, dumb, lovable, but it depends on my mood or with the people I'm talking to.
I'm blonde, with green eyes, but my eye color sometimes changes when I'm wearing blue or grey. I'm pretty tall for a 13 year old.
Tastes ?
I like chocolate, unicorns (SO FLUFFY OMG I'M GONNA DIE), being crazy, true friends who like me just the way I am and accept the fact that I'm not perfect, spongebob, clothes, spending time on my pc, texting my friends, drawing, singing, dancing, Spondebob...There's so much stuff I can't remember right now but that's all I remember for now ^^; And yeah ! I love dubstep and video games :3 I'm not kidding, I just do :p But I still like pop music, metal, rock, electronica/techno/whateveryoucallit, RnB, Hip Hop, Rap, EMINEM <3 Yeah, I think that's all :3
I hate being dumped, ignored, fake friends who always want you to change, selfish people, people who think they are perfect, lyars, racists, jealous bastards, bitches, hypocrits, people who never admit they are wrong, 1D and JB (No offense fans xD), haters....Especially people who want me to change and want me to be just who they want to. I hate being criticized by my friends, I think they don't deserve to be my friend at all in this case. I have my own opinion, no one can change that. And if somebody has a problem with that they can just grab a chair and wait for me to care. I'm not gonna change for anyone.
-getting a bit carried away cuz I'm not really in the mood today-

So yeah. What else can I say ? Oh, I almost forgot, I'm a huge fan of Britney Spears ;p I support her, and I don't care if some people like her or not. I just love her just the way she is.
And if I had to choose my favorite actress, I would definitely choose Michelle Pfeiffer :3

You're more than welcome to visit my gallery, I hope you like it ! <3

More about my drawing skills ?
I'm an artist since 2010. When I was younger, my drawings were shitty as fuck, and I never knew about Paint Tool SAI. I started with Photoshop since my parents had it on their computer, but then I noticed I couldn't do much on Photoshop without a tablet. Further in time, I discovered SAI and I thought that program was amazing in drawing in many styles. I didn't have to use a tablet, it was easier for me to draw and sketch (Even know it's with a pad and not a mouse or tablet). It was hard to get used to it at first but I quickly got better. After a few months, I mastered plenty of SAI's tool and I really improved. Now, I use Photoshop for collages, headers and avatars, and also for gifs. I use it for patterns on my Winx images too.

Daaamn, I love those


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SarahMyriaCarter Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Professional Writer
Hello I am holding a Seeker Contest and was wondering if you wanted to join…
marylovebloom Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You like Britney Spears right?
bloom914 Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
Yes I do ^^
marylovebloom Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Me too :3 Buy i prefer MJ.
xXAuroraRoseXx Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

hey sweetie how ya been? xo
bloom914 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013
i guess the Feed The Wolves rumor wasn't true

i've been really well, that arabic teacher gave me something to memorize for not signing some test, and i have some French homework on realistic paintings and yeah. Me and my friend were also planning to make two dance choreographies on Gimme More and POM for our school's Talent Show this Christmas. i'm sooo lazy i can't even reply those comments :c And i feel like i don't have time for anything, i'm not visiting DA often and idk how to explain lol but we should start to moderate our replies or maybe i should make a skype account lol but it's true it'll be easier for both of us and we won't have to wait for replies lol i'm gonna go make one since i'm bored right now and i have to finish this French project. omg i don't even have skype on my pc LOL i feel like i'm new to the internet omg Kenzie i made skype account KENZIE I MADE SKYPE ACCOUNT OMG 
xXAuroraRoseXx Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
tbh i would have loved feed the wolves, i like Britney Jean but idk we already have Britney, i think just Jean would have been better but ah whatever

OMFG i'd love to see you and your friend do that, i know some of the slave and toxic choreo but can i do it well? no lol
ikr it's like, you know you should reply but it feels like too much work, all that thinking and what not lol
bloom914 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013
Yes it's a nice title, but you know i felt like it was deja vu because that makes two self titled albums, but idk lol

YAAAA i'll see that right away I wanna see if i can be as good as her yeah right lol
Well we won't need DA no more because we have skype c: My skype is Mini-Britney, i chose it cuz a lot of my French friends call me that and i didn't have any other good names so heh ._. BUT YAY WE CAN CHAT NOW <3
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